Make Sure Your Mortgage Application Gets Considered

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How can I make sure my mortgage application gets full consideration?

Make Sure Your Mortgage Application Gets Considered

There's no guarantee that when you apply for a mortgage, you will get one. Your lender or mortgage broker will look at your income, debts and credit history before making a decision. So, make sure your mortgage application gets serious consideration, and that you do not get a bad credit mortgage loan because of problems in the past paying your bills.

Of course, you have to provide to the lender all the financial information he or she requires to process your mortgage application. Lenders will first look at your employment. Have you held the same job for a while? If not, make sure you let the lender know your previous employment or why there was an interruption in your employment.

It's also a good idea to take a look at your credit report before applying for a mortgage. The information found on your credit report can affect your mortgage rate. Sometimes the report shows bad credit that has been fixed, or it contains erroneous information that you will need to correct. Avoid a bad credit mortgage loan. Contact the credit bureau to fix problems, and let your lender know about it.



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