What to Expect with a Refinance Mortgage

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What can I expect when I go to refinance?

What to Expect with a Refinance Mortgage

Refinancing your home is not that different from taking out a mortgage to buy a home. A refinance mortgage is the same basic process. But you may need to prepare for some new requirements.

You still need to fill out an application that include information on your finances. The application looks at your credit history, your property value, and the equity in your home. You also need to show your employment and income to the lender, and provide information on bank accounts.

You will need to get your property appraised and there will be a title search of your property. Your current mortgage will be reviewed, as will the status of your property taxes and insurance payments. So make sure both are paid.

If you are using a different lender, you will need to provide the name of your current lender and show information about your loan balance and monthly payments.



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