Who Do You Trust?

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How Do I Know Who To Use for My Mortgage Loan?

Who Do You Trust?

One of the biggest and most costly mistakes mortgage shoppers often make is choosing a lender because they have the lowest rate and then not getting the offer in writing or examining a Good Faith Estimate (GFE). First, pay closer attention to points, discount and origination fees, the true Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and all other closing related fees. But, of equal importance, is getting referrals from friends, family, and co-workers. You absolutely must trust and be comfortable with whomever you select to handle your mortgage request for you. If you find a source with a great interest rate but one that unsettles you with his/her apparent lack of knowledge, professionalism, outward concern for your welfare, or any other questionable behavior, you should compare both rate and source to another that might have slightly less attractive terms but who instills confidence in you. Data proves that this second choice will normally make for a better, less stressful mortgage loan experience. Ask questions and do not be satisfied with answers that are inappropriate or confusing. Compare the people and companies you are dealing with as well as the loan terms they offer.



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