Use a Realtor Or Do It Yourself?

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Should I Use a Realtor Or Do It Myself?

Use a Realtor Or Do It Yourself?

While you can always “do it yourself,” it is usually smarter to use an experienced real estate professional, particularly for your first purchase, to help you. There are a few reasons why this is normally the best choice.

First, they understand the three most important rules of real estate: Location! Location! Location! They are knowledgeable about the best locations in your search area, information which, as a new buyer, you may not know. Experienced real estate professionals also have experience with the mortgage process, at least to the level of qualifying you for a maximum mortgage amount, which will influence your search for a home as it relates to purchase price. A third advantage, which is huge, is their ability to negotiate effectively for you regarding the final sale price of the property you want. Unless you are already a successful negotiator in your professional career, this benefit could save you thousands of dollars in your first real estate purchase. Using an effective, experienced real estate broker can make the entire home buying and mortgage process much easier for a first time home buyer.



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