Apply With More Than One Mortgage Lender?

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Should I Apply With More Than One Mortgage Lender?

Apply With More Than One Mortgage Lender?

Unlike applying for a credit card or auto loan, there is little benefit in applying to more than one lender for a mortgage loan. You might believe you are increasing your chances of getting the best available deal or giving yourself “insurance” that you will receive an approval. But, there are reasons that it is usually not in your best interest to do this.

  • In addition to filling out lots of paperwork, it will cost you money to apply (credit report, property appraisal, and, possibly, an application fee).
  • A full credit report, usually a "tri-merge" (reports from all three major credit reporting agencies) is required. This will cost you money (around $15) and also bring down your credit score, as each inquiry takes some points off.
  • You will end up paying for more than one property appraisal (from $200 to $450).
  • You may be required to pay one or more application fees (around $200 each).
  • If you want to lock (guarantee) a rate at application and a fee is involved, more than one application will involve multiple fees, only one of which will benefit you.
If you locate an experienced, honest mortgage professional and provide him/her with the correct information, he/she will advise you of the best available terms for which you qualify. Therefore it is usually unnecessary and always costly to make more than one application with multiple mortgage lenders.



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