3 Reasons to Use a Realtor as a First Time Home Buyer

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What are the advantages to using a realtor as a first time home buyer?

3 Reasons to Use a Realtor as a First Time Home Buyer

A professional Realtor can often be the difference in finding your dream home and settling for the best you can find. Everyone should take advantage of the knowledge and connections that come with a professional Realtor. This is especially true for a first time home buyer. Here are three important reasons to use a Realtor if you are a first time home buyer.

  1. Negotiation. Realtors are only as good as their negotiating skills. A Realtor may be able to show you thousands of properties, but if they can never get the owner to budge on price or contract, than what are they helping you with? Most first time home buyers do not know how to handle real estate negotiations and end up not getting the best deal possible. Using a Realtor with good negotiating skills can help you get that best deal.
  2. Knowledge. A person cannot just fill out a form and get their realtor's license. There are tests that must be taken and a certain amount of knowledge that must be absorbed for a Realtor to begin practicing. As a first time home buyer, it is especially important to take advantage of this knowledge when making your purchase.
  3. Resources. Do you happen to know a home inspector? Or an appraiser? Would you know where to begin looking for one? The average first time home buyer would answer ‘no’ to each of these questions and many more that deal with the necessary resources for making a home purchase. Realtors will also bring these types of connections to the table along with their own skills.



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