See It All – Get a Mortgage Application Online and from a Broker

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Should I get a local mortgage broker or stick to a mortgage application online?

See It All – Get a Mortgage Application Online and from a Broker

Mortgage rates vary greatly from lender to lender and broker to broker. If you really want to see the full gamut of what is available to you on the mortgage market, be sure to fill out a mortgage application online as well as with some local brokers. Filling out a single mortgage application online will usually get you at least 3 unique mortgage quotes. And this is a good start. However, you will only get the full picture when you see some quotes from lenders in your area.

Often, a mortgage application online cannot give you the benefits of what local lenders can offer. If you live in a city with much new growth, chances are that there are local lenders offering great incentives on their loans in specific areas. Get a local application filled out and compare it to what your mortgage application online yielded. Now you have a fuller picture from which to choose the right loan for you.



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