Resubmitting a Mortgage Application

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Can I resubmit a rejected mortgage application?

Resubmitting a Mortgage Application

So, your first attempt on a mortgage application was not accepted by the lender. Maybe you were able to get a loan, just not the one you were looking for. Don't worry, you are free to resubmit your mortgage application at any time. Usually, there are specific reasons for rejection and these things can be fixed on your next try. Ask for a full report as to why your mortgage application was rejected. Only then can you know what needs to be fixed.

If you have credit issues that need resolving, work with a credit repair agency before you resubmit a mortgage application. If you have income that you are having trouble proving, take the time to gather your necessary documentation before you resubmit. Resubmitting a mortgage application is simple once you have fixed the problems. Typically, because you are already in the system, these repairs can be evaluated quickly and you can get a quicker approval.



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