Shop Around for Home Purchase Loans

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Do I need to shop around when choosing a home mortgage lender?

Shop Around for Home Purchase Loans

Shop around for home purchase loans. You can get the best deal on a home loan if you learn first what the marketplace offers.
Not all home loans are the same so ask for home purchase loan information from several lenders before making your decision. It could save you thousands of dollars. Lenders that offer home loans include thrift institutions (savings banks), commercial banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions.

When talking with lenders about home loans, be an informed consumer.
* Consider your home loan a product. When you shop for any product, whether a car or home purchase loan, you want quality at a bargain price.
* Negotiate. The terms of home purchase loans and mortgage rates may be negotiable.
* Compare costs from different lenders. Study and understand all the costs for getting home loans.



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