Fix Your Credit to Get a Good Mortgage

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How Can I Fix My Credit to Get a Good Mortgage Rate?

Fix Your Credit to Get a Good Mortgage

The best way to fix your credit brings to mind a cliché that remains true: Make a plan, and then work your plan. Unless your credit report deficiencies are the result of a severe onslaught of medical bills or an abrupt loss of income, your situation probably took some time to develop. You should understand that it will also take a bit of time to rectify. It will happen fastest if you have a plan to consolidate your debts to make the monthly obligations more affordable or to set aside more available cash to catch up on delinquent obligations. Either of these plans will work.

Please realize, however, even after you are up do date with your obligations, there will still be another 60-90 days before your credit report will be updated since your creditors only report once every 30 days and cannot report your new and improved credit status until after your efforts are complete. They must first receive and record your payment(s) that bring your account up to date then wait until the end of that month to electronically report this new information to the credit bureaus. That is why a consolidation loan is the fastest way to fix your credit.

But, you must be careful. Do not accept a loan that may only make your situation worse in the near future. You must get advantageous terms to make this work. Also, your credit situation may prevent you from obtaining an excellent consolidation loan. Then, using a solid plan to make higher than required payments to “catch up” may be the best option. Be patient and committed to fixing your situation – and you will.



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